Our Acqua Termale is a nutritious source very high in trace elements that enriches the skin structure for a better firmness and elasticity.


This mineral water is classified as sodium chloride, pH neutral, rich in calcium and magnesium and other trace elements to a total of twenty trace elements necessary for the bodys proper functioning .The salts cointained in Acqua Termale have a direct effect on the skin structure, its composition facilitates the osmotic absorption whereby the skin regains its equilibrium, this natural process occcurs in all living cells and is based on the water flow diffusion from areas where it is relatively pure and low in salt concentration to areas where there is high concentration, all through a semi permeable membrane.

The end result is the balance of concentrations between the two media facilitating absorption through the skin of the elements contained in the water, especially sodium, resulting in  the renewal and improvement of tissues and subcutaneous skin tone. 


Acqua Termale is effective in normalizing the barrier function that provides the skin, reducing the reactivity of the most sensitive skins. Cools, decongests and soothes the skin due to the natural active ingredients contained in its composition.