This cream is the result of several treatments joined in one single cream.


Oxygenates skin cells by creating anti-free radicals. Illuminates and brightens dull and stained skins. Hydrates the skin layers and provides immediate results by the action of plant extracts. 


Restores the signs of ageing producing an anti-steaming lifting, due to Retinol.

Fights aging effects producing an anti-wrinkles lifting, and provides instant results making your skin look more radiant, smoother with better texture and tone.

It also acts as an enhancer of fibroblasts growth, with a strong anti-free radical action.

The effect of these components stimulates the oxygenation, activating the cutaneous metabolism and fading pigmentations.


ESSENTIAL OXYGEN is a true anti-ageing treatment thanks to its active principle“progressive lifting”. Retinol, Ginseng together with a concentrated complex of vitamins, smooth and reaffirm features, reducing wrinkles.

Result: A gleaming complexion. Restructuring the upper layers of the epidermis. Helps slow natural aging.