A luxury for your skin, beauty and youth. This unique cream with a rich and silky texture combines the 24k gold and Pearls powder repairing properties with  Diamond luxury, to combat skin ageing.

It contains silk and shea butter as well as a vitamin complex providing an incredible cellular regeneration and acting as a powerful energy source.You will experience how your skin lightens and becomes younger.

Besides Diamond powder, there are some other luxurious ingredients in this cream:

Pearls Powder:  Its aesthetical virtues are due to its rich in amino acids composition, similar to the one found on the skin,  ensuring a filling effect that improves firmness. This same action helps the dermis improve its retaining water capacity, which positively influenciates its hydration and rejuvenating properties. This cream enhances and reinforces the cells, responsible for nutrition and skin density, internal structure.

Diamond powder:  Improves the skin tone and texture . Revitalizing and relaxing muscles. It is a delicate skin renewer, a gift from mother earth to combat skin ageing, recovering freshness and softness back.

DIAMOND GOLD PEARL Cream Therapy Anti-Age (20pcs. x 5ml)