Biological extract which contains an exclusive Oxygenating, Whitening and Coenzyme Q10 complex. Its nourishing property assures cells activity, as it provides necessary energy to each cell. Q10 is an indispensable natural component for the skin´s life. At the age of 25 years the production of these cells diminishes and the cellular activity of the skin becomes slower, resulting on big and small wrinkles. An extra contribution of Coenzyme Q10 improves cellular breathing and the energy production, with the results of a luminous and healthy rejuvenated, oxygenated skin. It also contains Vitamin C which helps to whiten blemishes on the skin, conserves elasticity, slows down the ageing of the skin and it is a potent anti-oxidant. Vitamin E acts as an inhibitor of the Free Radicals.

OXIGEN Q10 Oxygenating & Whitening Treatment (8pcs x 5ml)