Evolutionary Treatment Combination multiple ingredients of last generation and high efficiency contributing to a global force skin anti-aging and fight hard against the essential mecanimos of aging. The skin regains its original purity. Radiant, relaxed, toned, smooth and regenerated.


4 full single dose treatments


- 4 unids 24k Gold Cleansing Cream. 24k Gold Cream Cleanser. 4 x 5 ml.
- 1 4 Velos for impregnation.
- 1 pc Diamond Caviar Cell. Impregnation fluid. e50 ml. Net Wt 1.7 Oz
- 4 unids Caviar Mask. Revitalizing Mask with Caviar. 4 x 5 ml.
- 4 unids Global Cream. Global Cream with Caviar and Stem Cells Vegetales.4 x 5 ml.
- 1 Blister with 10 disposable wipes.





Phase 1: 24k Gold Cleansing Cream. Cleansing Cream with Gold. First step to get a clean skin by removing impurities effectively. Apply Cleansing Cream with Gold over face and neck and remove with a disposable towel (included in the kit) moistened with warm water.

Phase 2: Velo + Fluent Diamond Caviar Cell. Velos open the envelope and take a veil for impregnation. In a bowl put 3 earbuds Fluid and immerse the Veil. Once impregnated we will place on the face and neck following form. Leave on 15 minutes approx. and remove.


Phase 3: Caviar Mask. Revitalizing Mask with Caviar and Natural vegetable flakes. Then moistened skin and apply a single dose of this fabulous cream mask on face and neck. Leave on for about 10 minutes. Remove with a disposable towel (included in the kit) soaked in warm water.


Phase 4: Global Cream. Cream with Caviar and Stem Cells Plant. Finish the treatment with a deep massage.
Frequency of Treatment: We will one weekly session for 4 weeks.
For maintenance repeat 1 session per month ...